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Adda with Mr. Quamrul Mina, CEO, Pragmasys

Startup Adda with Quamrul Mina, Group Photo

Startup Adda with Quamrul Mina, Group Photo


EMK Center, Dhanmondi 27 on 12th July, 2014

Another inspiring event for startups was held on 12th, 2pm to 4 pm. The organizer was Bangladesh StartUp Cup, the most buzzing start up hub to date in Bangladesh. This session was actually a chit chat with of some promising start ups of Bangladesh with Mr. Quamrul Mina. He is one of the few Bangladesh born American entrepreneurs who has created a globally reputed business with his mega talent. His clientele is filled with business giants like IBM, HP and even Pentagon! He is the Co-founder and CEO of Pragma Systems, an infrastructure and security software company, based in Austin, Texas, USA. Pragma ( is a privately held company offering SSH and Telnet products that have been adopted by over 4000 companies in 70 countries in their IT enterprises.

In the event, he shared his experiences in the way of becoming an entrepreneur and how he came to this position from scratch. In his journey he walked along with the entrepreneurs and showed them the beauty to enjoy and pitfalls to avoid in the way of entrepreneurship.

At the very beginning, he reminded the audience about the axiom of entrepreneurship – never give up, at any cost. He also emphasized that problems are the opportunities for the entrepreneurs. If there is no problem, business will sleep. This is why he told the entrepreneurs to be the response to the solutions. Further, he put light on the web today. His point was that the web is bringing thousands of opportunity today. So, people should be ready to grab some. From his experience, he reminded that it is really very hard to go ahead with personal financing. So, he suggested trying to grasp chunks of idle money sitting around. But raising money with some rote idea may be fitful in many cases. This is why he recommended going further ahead with ideas and creating prototypes so that the investors may have some realistic insight about the ideas. Today is the era of cloud based computing. Day by day the area of this scope is spreading rapidly. In fact, cloud and mobility is the biggest space of business to explore today. So, Mr. Mina also gave some really great insights about cloud based business. To know the business world in real and to avoid mistakes, aspiring entrepreneurs should work with startups as present brings the future and moreover, they should work with good people, not just talented ones. These will give entrepreneurs wider floor to learn and grow to great, indicated the guest. The event concluded with an open question and answer session.

The audience was thrilled and delighted to have real business insights from any Silicon Valley business sitting here in Bangladesh. Possibly, such event was for the first time in Bangladesh.